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Aero Exhaust AT5050XL

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MSRP: $215.08
Sale Price: $129.00
Your Sale Savings: $86.08 (40 %)
Item Number: AT5050XL
Manufacturer: Aero Exhaust
Manufacturer Part No: AT5050XL
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The Aero Turbine XL 5050XL is a Resonated 5" i.d. inlet, 5" i.d. outlet. The 5050XL was designed specifically for Diesel Trucks, Semi-Trucks and Motorhomes. The Aero Turbine XL Series 5050L Muffler is composed of high quality 304 stainless steel, embossed with the Aero Turbine XL signature logo and polished to a mirror finish. Inside is a high temperature ceramic acoustic material followed by the patented air foil providing the deep throaty tone that any diesel owner will love.

The Aero Turbine XL 5050XL is the latest breakthrough in diesel performance exhaust technology. Designed for high output diesel engines ensuring that your performance diesel truck, motorhome, or semi will perform more efficiently.

With a built-in resonator and patented air foil cone, the Aero Turbine XL 5050XL will not only increase fuel mileage, but significantly improve your horsepower and torque while decreasing noise and exhaust gas temperature.
5050XL Size and Specs
inlet outlet width height length weight
5.00" in. 5.00" in. 7.50" in. 7.50" in. 30.00" in. 14.00 lbs

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Aero Exhaust AT5050
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5050xl on Motorhome
Craig (Northern CA) 4/8/2012 7:04 PM
I finally got around to installing my Aero 5050XL mufflertoday. I wanted the performance and lower EGT’s the muffler has to offer, but I did not want a loud exhaust. Many of you that have already installed it described it as being more throaty, but not necessarily louder. I have to agree with that statement, at least in part. I took decibel readings before removing my stock muffler. Those readings were: 88 db @ 750 RPM (idle) 91 db @ 1000 RPM 94db @ 1500 RPM Although the Aero muffler does seem slightly louder to the human ear and emits more of a bass tone, the db readings after the install were identical to those of the stock muffler. This didn’t seem right to me, so I ran the test over again.....same results. According to my db meter, the Aero muffler is no louder than the stock Freightliner muffler. I will tell you that the Aero is a little louder in the cab area while driving. It is louder than what I would have preferred, but it is by no means annoying. I did seem to pick up some more performance, so that, coupled with the lower EGT’s I should experience, makes me glad I performed this mod. Craig
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